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Remembering your passwords, all of them.

There is no better way to trigger the memory than with visual stimuli. mNemo uses images to help you come up with, and remember passwords in a breeze, even the ones you don't need that often.

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XKCD on passwords

“We’ve successfully trained everyone to use passwords that are hard for humans to remember, but easy for computers to guess."

Today you need passwords for everything. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to come up with different passwords for each account, which is vital for security.

Many websites have strong requirements for a password. These requirements force you to come up with a complicated password that is hard to remember, but at the same time, easy to crack by a computer.

How mNemo can help

Creating a strong password is up to you. When you create a new password in mNemo, you will be able to select any kind of image that will help you come up with random associations. Below you can see an example password:

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Change your passwords

Being hacked is a rare thing. Having your password stolen however is something that happens more and more. To keep yourself safe, you need to change your passwords often. mNemo helps you come up with new ones by combining random images that evoke new password ideas.

Security Check

You can't always be aware of possible security breaches. We can, and we'll let you know when it would be a good time to change your passwords.

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Onlooker proof

It's easy for someone to peek over your shoulder and see you entering your pincode. mNemo has a special visual feedback system to make it harder for people to see what you're doing, giving you the confidence to unlock mNemo whenever you need it.

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